Monday, July 26, 2010

Bronze Bear "Distraction" Sculpture

This is a bronze sculpture I created in my sculpture II class. I titled this "Distraction" hmmm.... what could he be so preoccupied with, that would make him miss his dinner jumping right under his nose!
~ I use the lost wax casting method on my bronze sculptures, although on this particular sculpture I added a couple of extra steps to the process in order to create a mold. When a mold is created you have to start by sculpting the piece from plasticine (a clay-like material) then you pour the amber mold around the sculpture, after it hardens you cut out the sculpture and you have your mold! Then you can pour the wax into the mold and continue with the lost wax casting method.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cowgirl Baby Shower Cake

This cute Cowgirl baby shower cake was done for my friend Christie McClary and Marley Mae! It was pretty challenging but super fun to make. It's made of white cake, lemon chiffon filling and cream cheese frosting. This was my first attempt to color the fondant my self (messy but worth it), otherwise I would not have been able to get the right colors. overall I think it was a success.