Monday, December 29, 2008

"In Progress" Oil Painting

New in progress!
I have high hopes for this one, this is a tribute to Velazquez his "Las Meninas" painting.
This painting is the subject of great controversy on whom he was painting, The king and queen the Spanish princess? well in my version I'm trying to show the viewer my idea of what/who he was really painting or who he had been wanting to paint. confusing I know - cant help it ...I'm sooo complex ha ha

Ascension Oil Painting

This is one of my favorite recent paintings.
I tried to learn through Titians (one of the great old masters) style of painting to
compose true flesh tones and added a few of my own whimsical twists.
Lots of hours but so fulfilling!

Buffalo Fever Oil Painting & Sculpture

OK, I don't know what got into me this semester at school - but I must have had Buffalo fever or something. The result was quite nice Though, Here is the painting and bronze sculpture I did. OMG, So much time went into both and I never new how hard it would be to complete a bronze sculpture, The casting process was amazing and really hot I'm talking 1500 degrees or something, theres nothing like working with hot lava Yikes! but I'm glad I did and I will defiantly do more!
And on the painting I tried a new oil technique, and worked with lots of glazes and tried to really achieve the atmospheric perspective I was going for, hopefully It worked!