Thursday, October 30, 2008

A taste of my Graphic Design Work

OK heres my second Post ..I'm so proud of my self! 
APHA Journal Ad

This is a DVD Case cover and an Ad I made to submit in the American Paint Horse Journal.

Creative Cakes

My sons 8th birthday cake we had the party at the zoo - so I thought this theme was very fitting! this took alot of time and cake!
This is an Easter cake I did .. some of my guests thought it was a decoration! I love It!
A Camping cake for my son, he helped me make the campers it was soo fun!

A surfer theme baby shower cake for my Cousin Angie! and this cake matches the mural in Baby Aidans room.

ARRRG Matey, Its a pirate cake... This one was done for Sweet little Aidan!

Yummy 4th of July Cake, I love the red white and blue cake layers!

Whimsical Alice and wonderland baby shower cake, we had a few issues on the drive to the house but it made it! This cake goes along with the mural I did for her.

OH SO GOOD!!!! chocolate mousse cake for fall! YummmO =)